Teams from 10 Countries Throughout the Most Affected Areas of B&H

kamioniThe spokesperson of B&H Ministry of Security Admir Malagaic said for Fena that the rehabilitation of situation continues after the catastrophic floods in B&H.

According to him, teams from 10 countries are still placed throughout B&H in the most affected areas, where they pump and purify water on these locations.

“Today will continue the delivery of humanitarian help in the most affected areas. B&H Armed Forces will be engaged in these tasks and will deliver assistance via land line and a flight of B&H Armed Forces to Bijeljina is planned to transport teams and equipments”, said Malagić.

He stated that today is expected to come the team of Portugal to assist the situation. This team will arrive via land line and is intended for the wider area of Bosanski Brod.

(Source: Fena)

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