Tegeltija and Dumont praised Cultural Cooperation between BiH and France

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija talked yesterday in Sarajevo with Foreign Affairs Advisor to the President of the Republic of France Isabelle Dumont, the Council of Ministers of BiH announced.

Chairman Tegeltija pointed out that the relations between the two countries are very good and without open issues, and praised the cultural cooperation between the two countries, expressing regret that economic relations are not in proportion to the strength of the French economy or the economic potentials and resources of BiH.

Tegeltija emphasized that there is a significant room for improving economic relations and that there is a great interest of BiH companies in doing business with French companies.

During the meeting, Chairman Tegeltija informed Adviser Dumont about the reform processes and the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasizing that membership in the European Union is a priority foreign policy goal of our country and added that the achieved results should be realistically evaluated. He drew attention to the fact that raising the criteria for the status of a candidate for EU membership does not contribute and does not help BiH on that path.

Chairman Tegeltija pointed out that BiH is working very persistently on fulfilling the conditions for obtaining candidate status, and he expressed the expectation that the European Union will recognize these efforts and that BiH will receive candidate status in 2021.

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