Tell Us Your Story of Sarajevo Through a Moment Captured

sarajevo-in-winter-sarajevo-bosnia-and-herzegovina+12879654918-tpfil02aw-21641Life in a city for every inhabitant means something different. When words are not able to adequately express a particular feeling, this is where a visual representation can bring to life a story through each individual’s interpretation and imagination. Thus, Sarajevo Times would like to give its readers an opportunity this month to tell their stories, to contribute to reporting in a visual and meaningful way.

So send us a photo or a group of photos (maja.tuljkovic@sarajevotimes.com or medina.malagic@sarajevotimes.com) that tell us a story about Sarajevo through your eyes! Feel free to add a caption to the photo or even a short story explaining what a particular moment captured means to you.

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