Ten Years of Successful Cooperation Between Travnik and Leipzig

Minolta DSCThe several-hours long entertainment program that involved the participation of artists, musicians and entertainers from Leipzig and Travnik on Thursday night marked the tenth anniversary of the partnership between these two cities, which was also awarded by the European Union.

Participants in the program included: Music School “Johann Sebastian Bach“ Leipzig, UG “Tulika” Travnik, Taik Ganić, Clowns Uwe Schuz and Gerd Voigt, Rada Synergica Leipzig, Creative Center Grünau and Friends of Chidlren Maya Travnik, Music School Travnik, KUD Borac and Tamburaški orkestar Travnik.

The most interesting aspect was the joint appearance of students from the two music schools.

On the occasion of this ceremony, there was a session of the Travnik municipal council. In addition to the heads of the two cities, The Ambassador of Germany to BiH Ulrike Maria Knotz attended, and Michael Weichert, the President of the Leipzig-Travnik Society who launched the partnership between the two cities.

In the last ten years, various projects have been realized from the area of infrastructure, education, culture, and sport and in a smaller measure, economy.

Members of the Leipzig-Travnik Association highlight a project of performance practices in Leipzig that is being organized for high school students from Travnik, and projects of assistance and investments in nursery and school facilities. The Association said that they are ready for projects for the next ten years.

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