Terrain for the Factory of Italian Company Calzedonia is being prepared

Geomechanical research and the process of removing agricultural plants from the Regulatory Plan “Airport 4” in regard to the realization of investment project of the Italian company “Calzedonia” is taking place at the Prijedor airport “Urije”.

As announced by the City Administration, these works will last until August 15, when all the agricultural plants should be removed from this area where Italian company “Calzedonia” is planning to build a production and business facility and offer employment to 800 or 1000 workers.

“We are removing plants and gardens that the local population is using for their needs, which is in possession of the City of Prijedor,” as noted from the City Administration. They also stated that this is a very important precondition for work of machines, which was adopted by the City Assembly of Prijedor on its 19th session.

Italian fashion giant is also constructing a factory in the Municipality of Gradiska.


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