New Flights between Switzerland and B&H connecting Countries and People

SWISS Air LineEmbassy of Switzerland in B&H and the Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), organized yesterday a reception on the occasion of recently established air lines of SWISS, Sarajevo-Zurich and Sarajevo-Geneva.

Guests were greeted by Heinrich Maurer, Ambassador of Switzerland in B&H, Bernhard  Wodl, Head of SWISS for Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, and Federico Sommaruga, the director of tourism of Switzerland for developing markets.

A reception was held in the Art Gallery of B&H in Sarajevo, where paintings of one of the most renowned artists of Switzerland, Ferdinand Hodler, are exhibited.

With the beginning of the summer schedule for 2015, SWISS presented services to 22 new European destinations from its headquarters in Zurich and expanded a network with the base in Geneva with a full-year service to six new destination, and Sarajevo is one of them.

“SWISS will continue to incest to its services in the Central and Eastern Europe, wherever we see a possibility to that. The reason for it is that we are convinced that these attractive market regions carry a lot of potential“, emphasized Wodl in his speech.

Mr. Sommaruga then held a short presentation about the Switzerland as a tourist destination. Showing beauties and attractions of the country, the new tourist offer “Grand Tour of Switezrland“, 1.600 kilometers long journey through this country, was presented, as announced from the Embassy of Switzerland in B&H.


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