The biggest Mostar Playing Piano to enter the Guinness Book?

pianoOn the Promenade of Nikola Subic Zrinski last night, the citizens of Mostar and their guests were presented with the biggest playing piano which was designed and created by young people from the association Frama (the Franciscan Youth Mostar), who applied as Frama B&H for entry into the Guinness World Records.

Damir Siljeg talked about the piano and its creation in the name of Frama Mostar, saying that members of Frama Mostar were making the piano for three weeks, and it is 18 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The piano is connected to the electric keyboard with a full scale of 88 buttons, and it can be played on it as on any other well-tempered piano.

“We are hoping to receive a positive response from the Guinness World Records, we are expecting their response, and it should come this week,” said Siljeg, adding that the first song on the piano was performed during the 16th Frama fest this year in Mostar, and last night the youth of Mostar Frama started the program with Christmas songs.

In the addressing to the attendees on behalf of the City Administration of the city of Mostar, Marica Raspudic said that she is very happy and content that this year the Small Christmas fair in Mostar is carried out in a very cheerful spirit with a lot of exhibitors, where citizens have the opportunity to buy Christmas cookies, decorations, various handicrafts and knitting.

“Tonight we have a little spectacle for our citizens, everyone can come and play their melody,” said Raspudic.


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