The BiH Citizens from the Diaspora say: We do not want Divisions and Conflicts

Due to the political and security crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), peaceful protests of the BiH diaspora were held in 35 European cities. A unique message was sent from Brussels, which was the center of the gathering – stop secessionism and attack on the constitutional order of BiH. Of the countries in the region, support for the whole of BiH came only from Montenegro.

Yesterday in Brussels, in front of the eyes of Europe, a clear and loud message was sent by BiH diaspora: “We want a civil BiHwithout division and conflict. Stop anti-constitutional action.” They sent a letter to European and international officials asking them to finally create a specific and clear policy towards those who violate the integrity of BiH. They also asked the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to start investigative actions against individuals who violate the constitutional order of BiH.

“We were bottom barrel for them, but from today we will not be anymore, that is why this letter is sent. We don’t want genocidedenial, we don’t want glorification of war criminals. We will not stop at this anymore, simply, Milorad Dodik, I don’t know if he is aware or not, but he has woken citizens from BiH. This will be more or less intense this year, until things return to normal, to continue, to see how these people here can bring money to BiH, to invest, to employ, not to fear a new war, told Satko Mujagic, organizer of the protest in Brussels.

“This cry should be the initial trigger, to start some things from here, to finally start the path in our country that should lead to calming the situation, said Aziz Omersoftic, Austria.

With the same messages, a little earlier yesterday morning, peaceful protests of the BiH diaspora were held in New South Wales. And they called for condemnations and sanctions due to the security crisis in our country at the protests in Geneva, Oslo, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm, and Gothenburg.

About a hundred citizens voted against the increasingly sharp attack on the constitutional order of BiH at peaceful protests in front of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK). Support for the preservation of peace and prosperity was also provided by a member of the UK Parliament, Bob Stewart, who was the commander of the UK battalion within the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force during the war in BiH.

“Many countries around the world said in the 1990s that BiHwas an integral and unified state, and that is why, when BiH‘s reputation and territorial integrity have been damaged for months, the international community must provide strong and unequivocal support, noted Bob Stewart, Member of the UK Parliament.

All those who disturb the peace in BiH must be stopped. It is not a question of peace in the Balkans, but a question of justice and ethics, it was said at the gathering in Podgorica.



Source: BHRT

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