The Competition for the journalist award ” Srđan Aleksić”

The Helsinki Parliament of citizens in Banja Luka and the CURE Foundation from Sarajevo

announced the third competition for the journalist awards ”Srđan Aleksić”.

The journalist awards are being assigned for texts/reports from print media, web media as

well as radio and television reports which affirm and promote the professional reporting

about the marginalized groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, resulting in concrete actions and

development in the journalist practice.

In the previous two competitions, 93 texts/reports were submitted, while only 11 awards were

assigned, including two special awards for reporting in continuity.

The deadline for submission of texts is the 10th April 2013. All journalists from the print,

electronic and on line media from Bosnia and Herzegovina can participate in this competition.

Besides this competition, there will be a special invitation published concerning the special

award for reporting in continuity. This award will be assigned on the 21st September 2013.

The awards are assigned in four categories:

1. For texts in print media (10.000 characters max.)

2. For radio reports (duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds to 5 minutes max.)

3. For television reports (duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds to 5 minutes max.)

4. For texts on the web (10.000 characters max.)

All texts published in the period from the 31st March 2012 till the 31st March 2013 may

participate in the competition.

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