The Competitor from Serbia broke the Rumor that Mostar Residents always win in the Jumps from the Old Bridge

A Serb from Uzice, Dragan Milnovic, won the title of the winner in the head jump from the Old Bridge in Mostar, took the famous ‘Mostar Swallow’ from the city on the Neretva after a long time, and broke the rumor that only citizens of Mostar winin Mostar.

Proud of winning the title, Milnovic said after taking the winning trophy that yesterday’s victory was a huge success for him since the Mostar jumps represent a special challenge for every jumper.

“We go everywhere through the region and jump, but the Old Bridge is special and it is not a joke, we have to prepare for it in a special way,” noted the new champion of Mostar jumps, who will come from Uzice next year to defend the title of the best Mostar Swallow in Mostar.

Also, he pointed out that this is his third participation in the Mostar jumps, and that he literally embarrassed himself last year, but after persistent training this year he managed to perform the two best jumps and win in Mostar. In that way, hebroke the rumor that only Mostar citizens can win.

Lorens Listo from Mostar who won 13 record victories in the jumps from the Old Bridge and firmly held the title of Mostar’s Swallow until two years ago, when he withdrew out of respect for the legendary Emir Balic, with whom he equaled the number of victories, and now chairs the Mostar Diving Club, commented on this year’s edition of the jumps, which was held for the first time under his leadership.

“After many years, the victory went from Mostar to Serbia, to Uzice. A boy who jumped the best, Dragan Milnovic, deservedly won and I’m glad about that. He had two great jumps and got all ten grades,” stated Listo.

He stressed that Mostar’s traditional jumps from the Old Bridge are of an international character and that the competitors come from the entire region, and this year, as he pointed out, the jury was also international.

“Dino Bajric from Sarajevo also had a chance to win, but hemessed up the second jump a bit. There was really strong competition and it was not certain until the last moment who would win,” said Listo satisfied with yesterday’s spectacle in Mostar.

He emphasized that everyone who trains and works hard can certainly win the Mostar jumps, no matter where they come from, Klix.ba writes.

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