The Council of Europe respects the category of the constituent nation but only if it doesn’t violate rights of others

Head of the Office of the Council of Europe in BiH Mary Ann Hennessey said that this organisation respects the constitutional category of constituent nations in BiH, but only if it doesn’t violate human and rights of all citizens of BiH.

”If any group of people, whether a minority or majority, wants to be identified as a ”constitutional nation”, it is fine if it doesn’t imply larger, more important human and citizens’ rights than the rights of any other citizen”, said Hennessey in an interview for ”Nezavisne novine”

According to her, the progress in the implementation of the ”Sejdić-Finci” ruling will be possible when the draft amendments come before the Parliament of BiH.

”Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted an interim resolution regarding this case on 6 December 2012, in which they emphasized that the authorities in BiH need to make a political consensus in order to amend the Constitution and the Election law in order to ensure the implementation of the Sejdić-Finci ruling and to ensure that the election in BiH are in accordance with the Convention” said Hennessey.

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