The Czechs provided One Million BAM for “Livanjski sir” Project

Livanjski Sir avaz.baThe Czech Development Agency provided means in the amount of around one million BAM for the beginning of the realization of the “Livanjski sir” project.

As it was announced from the Office of the Major of the Livno Municipality, the beginning of the abovementioned project is agreed upon at the meeting which was held on Wednesday in the building of the Livno Municipality, and attended by the Mayor Luka Čelan and the representatives from the Czech Development Agency Ivana Pejić Povolna, Program Manager for the Balkans, and Hyneka Ciboca and Jiria Kopačeka.

Regarding that project, the Muncipality Livno has earlier, in cooperation with the Association of the manufacturers of autochthonous Livno cheese, applied to the Czech Development Agency, provided that the representatives from the Czech agency expressed hope that its realization will contribute to the improvement of the situation in agriculture production and help the cheese manufacturers from the area of Livno Municipality in their work.

The means in the amount of one million BAM provided for this purpose by the Czech Development Agency are intended, among other things, for the purposes of preservation of autochthonism and authenticity of the Livanjski cheese and for direct aid to the producers, and part of the funds will be invested in building a joint warehouse for ripening and division by types of cheese for the producers from Livno.

(Source: photo avaz)

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