The first Chinese Hotel and Restaurant soon in Sarajevo?

A large sign – Hotel and Restaurant “Chinese Wall” was recently noticed near Sarajevo, the Center for Promotion and Development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

The “Belt and Road” initiative that was started by President of China Xi Jinping connected more than 65 countries of the world, including BiH. The basis of the Initiative is mutual cooperation through the increase of investments, exchange of ideas, goods and people, and all of that through mutual benefit of friendly peoples.

The introduction of a visa-free regime is almost adopted, and it will ensure an easier way of traveling to the citizens of BiH to China and citizens of China to BiH. The visa-free regime will give a strong incentive to citizens of China to visit Sarajevo, a city that was defended by Valter, which is well-known by citizens of China, as well as to visit some other parts of BiH.

Every year, around 120 million people from China leave their country and travel to different tourist destinations. The number of tourists between China and the countries of Central and Southeast Europe in one or another direction has been increased from 500,000 people in the year of 2011 to a total of 1,250,000 people in 2016. Our country also recorded some positive trends: a number of about 17,000 visitors was recorded in 2016, more than 30,000 people in 2017, and with the abolition of visas it is expected for these numbers to be exponentially increased and reach 50,000 tourists in 2018.

When we take into consideration all of this, as well as the fact that the Chinese people, wherever they are and what kind of delicacies they taste, like to have Chinese cuisine offered, the Chinese restaurant represents a necessity. Xu Xiaoxin, the 32-year-old man who spent half of his life in BiH, decided to do something about that.

He knows the entire Chinese community in BiH. About two hundred of them were invited on the ceremonial opening of the four-star object. Besides the Chinese peple, there will also be their friends from BiH, business partners and fans of Chinese culture, as well as numerous media representatives.

The fact that this is truly joint project of China and BiH is proved by the fact that all of the employees, besides the Chinese chef, are local workers from BiH.

“We want to bring a little bit of China to citizens of BiH through our gastronomic offer. They really know how to appreciate good cuisine, especially young people, and they want to try some new tastes here,” stated Xu.


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