“The Guardian,” included Sarajevo on the List of Beautiful European Cities

12895407_1744819205754756_1464559686_nRenowned British newspaper “The Guardian” brings a list of beautiful European cities including some of the largest metropolis. The list of lovely towns include Sarajevo as well, which becomes a logical choice for those who like to discover new and different.

The article states that Sarajevo, which recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement, is colored by history that includes the flashbacks of the World War I.

“Bosnian city, which often draws comparisons with Istanbul, is a beautiful and diverse place to visit, with cobbled streets to explore and excellent cafes serving traditional, slow-brewed coffee and delicious burek (stuffed pastries),” as stated in the article.

“To get a grasp on the city under siege, visitors should investigate the Tunnel of Hope – a museum on the site of the city’s wartime supply line – and also visit memorial museum Galerija 11/07/95, which attempts to explain the Srebrenica tragedy,” as written by the Guardian.

The creative side of the city is presented through an ambitious collection of contemporary art Ars Aevi, as well as some of the smaller galleries such as Duplex100m2.

Besides BiH capital, on the list are included two main cities: Valletta (Malta) and Tallinn (Estonia). The other seven towns on the list are smaller, but very attractive, as a real treat for tourist pilgrims: Dubrovnik, Wroclaw, Marseille, Girona, Bologna, Brno and Graz.



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