Interesting Report on the Weather Conditions in near Future

12899702_1744855765751100_1279434400_nWe can expect more extreme weather conditions, intense precipitation and longer periods of drought in the future, as announced at a press conference held in the premises of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH (FHMZ) on the occasion of World Meteorological Day.

According to FHMZ BiH, the year of 2015 was the hottest in the world since the beginning of instrumental measurements. This fact confirms that the warming trend is continuing. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and temperatures in the lower atmosphere and the oceans are rising.

“This year’s message of the World Meteorological Organization is: ‘Hotter, drier, wetter’. BiH is a small country and its impact on climate change is almost negligible, but the damage that we are suffering are huge. There is hardly a year without a natural disaster. We cannot prevent climate changes, but we can and must adapt. We can do something about it only if we all do our part in strengthening resilience and preparedness for dealing with the consequences of climate changes,” said Bijedic.

Both entity hydrological institutes are included in the project of the World Meteorological Organization in collaboration with the Research Center for Hydrology from San Diego, which aims to develop and implement a system of regional indicators for torrential floods and the system of timely warning on floods.

FHMZ today announced that they are planning to complete activities on the construction of new archive and create conditions for archive material that is 120 years old, by June this year. They are also at the end of making Atlas climate of FBiH for the period 1961-1990, which is the basic climatological document.

World Meteorological Day is celebrated in memory on the 23rd of March 1950, when the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was officially established – an intergovernmental organization and a specialized agency of the United Nations, which gathers 185 member states.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)

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