The Hague Tribunal: Verdict for Vojislav Šešelj on March 31

received_1104780242906264The Hague Tribunal is to deliver the verdict for the leader of the Serb Radical party (SRS) Vojislav Šešelj on March 31, the court stated.
In its decision, the court stated that the authorities of Serbia have been ordered to “undertake all necessary measures in order to enable the presence of the defendant at the pronouncement of the verdict”.

Belgrade has been given a timeframe of 15 days to report to the Tribunal all difficulties that may exist in the implementation of that order.
Šešelj is accused of war crimes against Croats and Muslims in Croatia, Vojvodina and BiH between 1991 and 1993.

Šešelj was in Tribunal’s custody from March 24, 2003 when he surrendered voluntarily, to be temporarily released in November 2014 until the pronouncement of the verdict.
(Source: klix.ba)

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