”The Jersey” at Sarajevo Youth Theater

Theater play ”The Jersey” directed by Primož Bebler is an adaptation of two drama texts, namely Edward Bond’s ”Eleven Vests” and Sam Shepard’s ”Invisible Hand”. This theater play talks about violence among the youth and about their need to express violence worldwide.

The play also questions the issue of youth violence and why is it so present in our contemporary society. Although the play questions a globally addressed issue, this play is also an intimate story about a type of betrayal that a young person can experience from the society, institutions and friends. The acting cast for this play consists of Mario Drmać, Sanin Milavić, Ajla Cabrera, Alen Muratović, Edhem Husić, and Nermin Tulić. The play will be performed on the 15th of February at  Sarajevo Youth Theater. The performance will start at 20:00 p.m.

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