“The List Project” at the Chamber Theater 55

On the 8th of February a theater monologue entitled ”The List Project” will be performed at the Chamber Theater 55. This theater monologue is an interactive installation from Greece.

Theater monologue ”The List Project” by Klarie Lionaki is a story about a man who looses his identity and forgets his name when he discovers that he is not on ”the list”. He slowly starts to disappear as a picture that fades and loses colors.

The text was used as the basis for the theater sound installation, but this time the voice of Manos  Karatzogiannis recorded earlier and the movements of the audience are the triggers thorugh which replicas are projected to the stage. This text along with other sounds and noises constructs interactive music composed by Tom Mays. This interesting theater show is directed by Enke Fezollari and will be performed at 20:00 p.m.


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