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The Minimum Wage in BiH cannot be below 1,000 BAM

The union believes that the minimum wage cannot be below 1,000 BAM and as a request was sent to the Association of Employers and the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina earlier this year, and estimates that the price of the consumer basket has risen so much since then that the minimum wage has not sufficient for the basic existence of the worker.

The Independent Trade Union of Employees in Agriculture, Food and Tobacco Industry, Water Management, Catering, Tourism and Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds that the Prime Minister of FBiH also said that the minimum wage should not be below 700 convertible marks.

Therefore, in this union, they believe that some presidents of branch unions who have already signed collective agreements have trampled on all the dignity of workers and completely devalued the already devalued rights of workers.

“This union still remains committed with its members, branch unions and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of BiH to apply more radical measures at the next protests, so that all three social partners understand that they will no longer be able to survive with the tolerance of workers. In the end, the question of who these presidents of the branch unions work for can justifiably be asked,” it was announced from the Trade Union.

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