The most dramatic Video of Floods: People imprisoned in Homes, Water carries Everything

The traffic from Novi Seher via Perkovic is interrupted due to large amounts of water on the main road.

In the afternoon, heavy rainfall and strong winds hit settlements in the wider area of the Novi Seher region.

According to the first information from the terrain, heavy rain caused a sudden increase in the water levels of all the local streams in this area.

There is also a difficult situation in the area of Čobo, Kopice, Domislica, Tujnica … In Tujnica, local school was flooded as well as several houses.

Portal Maglaj.net also released a dramatic video from Lijesnica where the torrents entered in the houses.

The locals were “imprisoned” in the houses and were helplessly observing how water destroys everything in front of them: greenhouses, gardens, courtyards …

Teams of Professional Fire Department Maglaj and Civil Protection Services are on the field together with Mirsad Mahmutagic, Municipal Mayor, and is evaluating the current situation, Fokus news portal reports.

All three videos can be seen here.


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