New Facilities at the Centre “Safet Zajko” opened

12746075_1731548723748471_49691912_nThe center, which was opened in September last year and which impressed all the citizens of Canton Sarajevo with its ambience and offers, should offer many other interesting and attractive content for the children, and those a little bit older.

“Considering that the center is located in a natural environment, it is also planned to build certain water facilities, which will fit into the natural environment of the Centre by its appearance and function. Also, funds for horticultural design are planned as well, so that arrengement of green areas in the Center “Safet Zajko” will be continued this year, and furthermore, we will continue with the construction of new public lighting, in order for the entire area of the Centre to be lightened adequately,” as announced from the municipality of Novi Grad, which will allocate about 800,000 BAM for all of these works from this year’s budget.

They stated that the implementation of planned activities will start after the completion of the procurement procedure or selection of the contractor and the works will be carried out in accordance with the agreed dynamic plan.

The thing that citizens will be especially glad to hear is that the entrance to the center will continue to be free of charge for everyone who choose to visit it.

The decision to convert an abandoned barracks in a large green park with numerous facilities proved to be a real hit. This is supported by the fact that this place has become a favorite destination for many citizens of Sarajevo.


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