The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Resolution on the Genocide in Srebrenica

The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, which was proposed by the Bosniak Party (BP).

At the moment when the Resolution was being decided, Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro (DPS) deputies entered the assembly hall. 55 deputies voted for.

Several amendments to the resolution, some of which were adopted, were submitted by the government.

Deputy of the BP, Ervin Ibrahimovic, told that as proposers, they tried to adopt constructive proposals and amendments.

“The purpose of the proposal of this Resolution is the reconciliation in Montenegro,” Ibrahimovic noted.

Minister Leposavic was dismissed

The Parliament of Montenegro dismissed the Minister of Human and Minority Rights, Vladimir Leposavic.

43 deputies voted for the dismissal of Leposavic, 27 were against, while 10 deputies abstained. After such a decision of the parliament, the Democratic Front (DF) announced a boycott.

DF deputy, Slaven Radunovic, called on everyone who received the votes of the citizens, to free themselves from the DPS on August 30th.

On Wednesday, the Parliament ended a session that lasted for few hours on the initiative of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic.

The parliamentary session was marked by harsh words between the representatives of the ruling parties and Prime Minister Krivokapic, who said that immorality and political hypocrisy were present in the Parliament of Montenegro.


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