Indictment filed against Two Foreigners for Migrants Smuggling in BiH

A Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has filed an indictment against Adil Bashir (1996) and Adnan Ali (1996), born in Pakistan, citizens of Pakistan, who are in custody.

It is alleged against the accused that they, acting as members of an organised group for smuggling people, by prior agreement and joint plan, and according to pre-agreed roles with known members of the group, for a pre-agreed amount of money, smuggled illegal migrants who did not meet the requirements for legal and legal entry into BiH, by boat across the river Drina, border line from the Republic of Serbia to BiH.

The perpetrators were discovered and prevented in an operation carried out by members of the BiH Border Police, who found 13 illegal migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan on the banks of the Drina River, near Zvornik, prevented their further smuggling and detained the perpetrators.

The accused are charged with the criminal offence of Organising a group or an association for the purpose of perpetrating the criminal offence of ‘Smuggling of migrants’ under Article 189a of the Criminal Code of BiH, in conjunction with the criminal offence of Smuggling of persons under Article 189 (1) of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH, which subsequently confirmed it.

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