The Prices of Bread and Pastry to be increased in BiH?

The price of flour per kilogram is increased by two fenings, while it is expected that there will be even greater increase for additional six fenings in the upcoming period, as confirmed by Zoran Kos, the President of the Association of Millers of the RS.

According to Kos, prices are increased due to the fact that wheat prices in the world were increased by 30 to 40 EUR per ton, which automatically transfers to mill products.

He added that the price increase of mill products will be gradual and that 25 kilograms of flour cost, depending on the producer and type, between 16 and 20 BAM.

“There will be increase of prices of bread and pastries by 15 to 20 % for sure, because we have to follow the price of raw materials by adjusting the price of flour and pastry,” stated Radenko Pelemis, the President of the Association of Millers of Bijeljina.

“With this kind of increase in the price of flour, some bakers might increase their prices. It is not definitive, but it is probable,” said Sasa Trivic, the President of the Association of Bakers of the RS, and added that they already increased prices in their bakeries, but not because of the price of wheat, but the lack of labour force in this profession.

Besides the increase in prices of flour and the possible increase in the price of pastries, the price of fuel was also increased from 3 to 4 fenings per liter, depending on the distributor. After this price increase, a liter of diesel costs from 2.23 to 2.25 BAM, and a liter of gasoline 95 from 2.23 to 2.24 BAM. According to the new price list, citizens will have to allocate about 2.33 to 2.35 BAM for a liter of gasoline 98, and the price of gas is 1.08 BAM.

(Source: fokus.ba)





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