The Symbol of Sarajevo: City Hall opened 119 Years ago

city hall sarajevoOne of the most beautiful and representative objects from the Austro-Hungarian period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo City Hall, celebrates its 119th birthday.

From 20th April 1896, City Hall witnesses to all events that befell Sarajevo for more than a century.

Originally, The City Hall was the building of former City Administration of Sarajevo. After the World War II, until 1949, City Hall served to the City Administration as a building of the District Court of Sarajevo and the headquarter of the BH Parliament.

After that, the City Hall became a City library, i.e. National and University Library of BiH.

During the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995, City Hall was repeatedly shelled by JNA and VRS. In the night of 25th to 26th August 1992, building of the City Hall was burned, and in the fire, Catalogue of the National and University Library of BiH disappeared, around 80% of library holdings and documents that testify to the history of BiH dissapeared as well. The interior of the City Hall was almost completely destroyed in the fire which followed after shelling.

After years of renovation and reconstruction of the City Hall, it will soon be back in the function. The new attire of the City Hall, of an authentic look, is interesting in many ways. During the reconstruction of the building, in its every room, one old part of it that survived the fire 22 years ago, has been incorporated as well.

In the City Hall now, books and manuscripts of a great value for which rooms with a special temperature and humidity are made,  will finally be kept.

(Source: faktor.ba/ Photo: glasnaroda.ba)

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