The Synergy of the Government and Economy: Four B&H Dairies to sell their Products on the EU Markets

milkos2Mirko Šarović, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, confirmed on Tuesday that B&H has been approved on the list of countries qualified for export of heat-treated milk and dairy products. B&H dairies that will be exporting to the EU are: Milkos, Livno Dairy, Meggle and Mlijekoprodukt.

Dairy sector in B&H is high quality and is working for a long time according to the EU standards, as considered by B&H dairy employees. They say that this is the long-awaited news and that it brings back the hope that the dairy sector can survive and even become the engine of development of this country.

Employees in BH dairy sector expect this sector, especially the milk production, to prosper significantly. Of course, the support of the entity ministries of agriculture is needed, especially regarding their help within the Programs of support for agriculture and rural development which should stimulate the development of agriculture that will further result in cost-effective production and residue of the people in the villages, as said by representative of B&H dairy sector. The export to the EU will mean increase in the processing, milk purchase and hiring new people. This will certainly have a positive effect on the development of agriculture and new employments in this sector.

“After years of waiting, we managed to obtain the permission for export. Unfortunately, we have not obtained permission for export of all dairy products but only so-called UHT (ultra-high-temperature) products, while our fresh program still cannot be exported to the EU, “said Kemal Hrnjić, director of dairy Meggle from Bihać.



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