The System of Public Bicycles soon in Sarajevo?

bikeSarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (SERDA) hosted the presentation of project of Nextbike – system of public bicycles which should become a reality in Sarajevo very soon, with the aim for extending it to other cities of B&H.

The initiative was started by the Sarajevo advertising agency Supermarket Ltd. which are licensed partners of Nextbike for B&H, whose representatives made a presentation of the project. Besides media representatives, the presentation was attended by representatives of the city municipalities, the City of Sarajevo, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Ministry of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Fund of FB&H and BIHAMK.

Public bicycles are addition to public transport and they significantly help in reducing the traffic congestion, solving the problem of parking in the city center, contribute to environmental protection, enrich the tourist offer while positioning the city as a desirable cyclo-tourist destination and the general aim is improving the quality of life in the city.

“Considering the fact that Sarajevo has a big problem with pollution, this is something that will certainly benefit to our citizens, and the other fact is that we have an increasing number of tourists in the city, and they eventually need new offer, or enrichment of contents. The system of public bicycles will reduce traffic jams, improve public transport, and it will have a significant impact on the environment, but it will also encourage people on daily physical activity,” said Ahmed Cerimovic, director of the agency Supermarket.

In the next period, the holders of the project are planning to make specific requests to the mayors of Sarajevo municipalities, as well as other competent authorities for assigning of urban locations for Nextbike terminal, and offers for financial support for the implementation of the project, as announced from the agency Supermarket Ltd.

(Source: klix.ba)

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