The Temple of St Nicholas in Tomislavgrad to be renovated

The Association of Citizens “Srbi Duvna” adopted a decision to reconstruct the Temple of St Nicholas in Tomislavgrad, in cooperation with the Orthodox Church – the Parish of Duvno.

As noted in the letter sent by their president Milan Karan, they are planning to renovate the roof and façade in the church, as recommended by engineers Dragomir Brnjos and Cedomir Mavrak from Mostar.

He noted that the reconstruction of the roof and façade is necessary in order to preserve this important church building, “which is a witness of lives of Serbs and Orthodox Christians in the area of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad who are now spread all over the world due to war activities”.

“If we do not renovate the roof, the water will enter the interior of the building and we might experience great damage. The collapse of the ceiling and interior walls is possible and recovery after possible damage would be much more expensive and difficult,” said Karan.

The church was constructed 155 years ago and it has a historical importance not only for Serbs from Duvno, but also for the Orthodox Church and the Municipality of Tomislavgrad.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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