The Use of the Bonn Powers brings positive Developments in BiH

When it comes to the indictment for Dobrovoljacka case, I think it is an absurdity. While all the public expects that indictments will be filed and that those who savagely, criminally, frantically shelled Sarajevo and killed its citizens for over 1.400 days will be prosecuted and convicted, today we are witnessing an absurd decision to indict people who at that time actually defended the attempt to start the occupation of Sarajevo, Denis Zvizdic pointed out, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Regarding Christian Schmidt’s address at the Security Council session, he says that the report very precisely detected the problems in BiH and the causes and bearers of those problems.

And based on the reactions within BiH, we can clearly recognize that all those listed in that report have in fact identified themselves. Taking the reactions of Mr. Dodik or the HNS, it is obvious when the High Representative put the main emphasis on the attempts to violate the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH, the attempts of secessionism, the new territorial reorganization, those who actually block BiH’s progress on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration, who do not allow the rule of law to be established and who are actively involved in corruption and crime. So he listed it very clearly, as he gave indications that he is still ready to use the Bonn powers in order to protect the sovereignty, integrity, peace, and stability in BiH.โ€

Inzko’s law banning genocide denial is the best thing that has happened to BiH in the last ten years

The so-called Inzko law banning genocide denial is the best thing that has happened to BiH in the last ten years. You know that hate speech, when it comes to genocide denial, is practically reduced to 0, it no longer exists in the public media, and before it was an everyday occurrence. And of course Mr. Schmidt’s decision to ban the registration of public property which is state property because the state is the sole holder. So any new attempt by Mr. Dodik, HNS, or anyone who wants to further divide BiH, to threaten its internal and external sovereignty will come under attack from the international community and sanctions that remain one of the most important, and the most effective instruments in the hands of the international community to return all processes in BiH within democratic standards and margins.

The worst convocation of the Council of Ministers in post-war BiH

During the first vote, they were against reducing VAT and making it easier for all BiH citizens to endure this difficult economic situation and the large and accelerated growth of inflation, the rise in prices of all foodstuffs and products. As for Mr. Becirevic, I can’t know the reasons why he didn’t come, but it really doesn’t look like him.

He believes that both domestic institutions and the international community must think about the response to the type of intention of the targeted suspension of democracy in BiH by the HDZ.

We are already witnessing the suspension of the electoral will of citizens and democracy in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), where we have the FBiH Government for the fourth year in a technical term. I am absolutely sure that the HNS parties will go in that direction. They will participate in direct elections, and after the elections when it will be necessary to elect delegates for the House of Peoples of FBiH that the process will be blocked, which they think will achieve two goals – the continuation of the technical mandate of both the FBiH Government and the Council of Ministers and that it will thus exert additional, strong pressure to amend the Election Law at the suggestion of the HDZ. The latter will certainly not happen, no one will vote for the Election Law as conceived by the HDZ.

This is far from the needs of BiH society. For eight or nine months, we witnessed an unconstitutional blockade of the BiH Parliament, which is a kind of silent coup, but all this was in order to prepare for the seizure and transfer of competencies from BiH and easy preparation for secession. The realization of that project did not happen only because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. But it is not a problem in Parliament itself. The problem is in the work of the executive body, the Council of Ministers, which has to send laws to Parliament. This convocation is certainly the worst, most inefficient convocation in post-war BiH. This is the result of SNSD’s policy, a policy promoted by Milorad Dodik to prevent the functioning of BiH, to present it as a dysfunctional state, to say that it cannot exist as such, and to transfer all competencies to the entity level. From the start, it was a mistake to allow Mr. Dodik to be part of the executive and legislative branches and the coalition majority at the BiH level.”, Federalna writes.


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