Thinking of Good Fun: visit Lord Somersby’s Bridge

somersby6During the summer, in the period from the 14th until the 22nd of August, the best fun is expected at the Eiffel’s bridge at Skenderija, which is turned into Lord Somersby’s Bridge, as announced by the organizers.

Last night, Somersby’s Bridge on Skenderija was a magical place of pleasure for many visitors, public figures and friends of the magazine “Gracija” whose staff and management tried to make “Gracija night” truly unforgettable.

Director of Carlsberg BH, Mr. Dominic Martiniak, welcomed the attendees at the very beginning.

“We are happy to be your hosts in the next few days, and the Lord Somersby is promising the best fun in the city,” said Mr. Martiniak in our language which brought him a huge applause from the crowd on the bridge.

Fantastic “Amina & Open Mind Group” were in charge for musical atmosphere who, with a unique combination of musical genres – pop, rock, funky, disco and R & B, kept the audience on their feet for whole 2 hours.

Great fun and entertainment programs are expecting visitors of Lord Somersby’s Bridge, from the great concerts of bands from B&H and the region including “Sevdah Baby,” “Bad Copy,” “Skroz,” “Dvadesetorica and Gramophonedzie,” through the hit show “Ladies’ choice”, to the award for the audience and a transformation in some of the famous historical figures, all with the perfect summer refreshment, Somersby Cider. Every day, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. after-work party, which includes a Happy Hour as well, will be organized on the Lord Somersby’s Bridge.

Entrance to the Lord Somersby’s Bridge is free of charge until the midnight, and after the midnight, the entrance fee will be 5 BAM, except for visitors with an invitation which Somersby patrol will be sharing in Sarajevo cafes for all of those who drink this refreshing drink.

Lord Somersby’s Bridge is a real festival treat, the building with the spirit of Paris, a place to seal the love and exchange a kiss, location for making the best Friendsie and saving the memories, a place where everyone can find something for themselves and have fun. A Friendsie is actually a selfie, but with friends, and it is the basic idea of this year’s Somersby campaign that promotes the importance of moments shared with your best friends.

Visit Lord Somersby’s Bridge and see for yourself why no one ever was able to compete with the parties of Lord Somersby.

You can ask for more information from Somersby patrol which is going around the city in Oldtimer or visit the Facebook page Somersby. Let’s Friendsie!



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