Thinking to visit B&H? We recommend you the Archeological Settlement

archeological parkArcheological park represents a reconstruction of a part of the Neolithic lake-dwelling settlement discovered in Tuzla. Park is an  open air museum located in the southeastern part of the complex of Pannonica lake leaning on the hilly raised portion along the coast of Pannonica lake that aims to present visitors a part of the archeological and historical past of the city of Tuzla, as well as the way of life, as material as well as the spiritual one, especially he first salt production in the Neolithic ages.

Archeological park was conceived as a unique object consisted of:

  • The floor semi circularly bent around the hilly raised portion
  • Flattened part of the hill arranged as a central plateau where a totem, replica of a clay oven, weaving machine etc. were placed
  • 5 dwellings of characteristic shape and dimensions
  • Two smaller floors with 4 more dwellings are connected with the central floor by wooden bridges


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