This is how Yugoslavia looked in the Eyes of Americans in 1964 (video)

12476414_1741416072761736_1716637052_n“Is it the French Riviera? Turkey? Austria? Switzerland? Rome? No, it’s all Yugoslavia, a fascinating blend of all that attracts the travelers to Europe.” With these words starts the movie by American production, which is actually a commercial of the company Pan Am for flights to Yugoslavia.

Back then, Yugoslavia was the only communist country in which Pan Am flew during the Cold War. Yugoslavia was described as a strong, powerful and full of beautiful women. Both men and women are eager to read. Pepper was mentioned as well. Yellow or red, and can be found everywhere.

“Sarajevo … when you see the places, markets and mixes, it is clear that Europe borders with East in this country. Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox live here, according to this promotional footage.

Take a look at how Yugoslavia looked in the eyes of Americans. (video)


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