Three BiH’s Water Producers got Green Light to export in the European Union


Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Food Safety Agency handed over certificates to domestic exporters of natural and mineral water that will enable them to export water to Croatia smoothly in the coming year.

The certificates were obtained from Sarajevo Kiseljak, Nevra and Leda companies, the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber (VTK BiH) reported.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia announced a ban on the import (with effect from January 1, 2020) of mineral waters to BiH’s exporters, unless they have a certificate confirming that the water exported to Croatia is recognized and regularly monitored for its correctness, regardless of the fact that for many years there has been a Decision on recognized natural spring and mineral waters in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Since no institution in BiH issues such a certificate, the BiH’s Food Safety Agency has come out to meet local businessmen and support them in exporting.

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