Tito avoided only One City in the Former Yugoslavia

The urban legend says that Tito did not like only Cacak from all the cities in the former Yugoslavia.

During his rule, Tito was seven times in Cacak, but always while passing by, on his way to Uzice.

He was never in Cacak by the plan, and historians believe that this is due to the fact that Broz saw this city close to Ravna Gora Movement.

Citizens of Cacak remained in Tito’s eyes always as Chetniks, probably because of their proximity to Ravna Gora and the song “On the mountain, on Jelica”.

In reality, police reports from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia from 1940 assessed Cacak as notoriously “communistic”.

From this town came famous communists: Filip Filipovic, Kosta Novakovic, Dragisa Misovic, Milka Minic, Milos Minic…

However, Tito still had a different perception of this city.

Older people from Cacak are still telling the stories that every time before the arrival of the President of the Yugoslavia, people that were identified as opponents of the regime were arrested preventively up to seven days earlier.

The label of “rebellious city” and the place to avoid was sealed with the situation when during Tito’s second visit to Cacak, just during his speech, lights went out!

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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