Today starts Test Broadcast of Digital Signal

signalMinister of Communications and Transport of BiH Ismir Jusko issued an order to release test digital signal today at 12 pm in the RTV building in Sarajevo and RTRS building in Banja Luka into digital areas of Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar.

This completes the first phase of the digitalization of transmission and broadcasting equipment in BiH, and in the next phase is planned to cover the digital signal on the remaining six digital fields, on the territory of the entire BiH.

Citizens can watch the programs of the public broadcasting service RTV BiH, RTRS and RTV FBiH in these areas on channel 30 in Sarajevo, channel 32 in Banja Luka, while for the citizens of Mostar is provided channel 36 in accordance with the Geneva agreement.

The program will be able to watch in the surrounding cities and towns that have line of sight to the broadcasting sites, which refers to citizens of Vogosca, Ilijas, Visoko, Pale, East Sarajevo, Prijedor, Gradiska, Laktasi, Celinac and places in the valley of Neretva River towards Capljina.

Citizens who have TVs of older generation are recommended not to buy receivers for reception of digital signal until financing and procurement of appropriate receivers is resolved, or until they establish the minimum technical requirements to be met for quality and smooth operation.

Also, the public broadcasting services will continue with analog broadcasting of their programs, so that the citizens who cannot reach a digital signal at that stage of digitization will be able to receive the programs of public broadcasting services (BHT, FTV, RTRS), as announced from the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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