Tomorrow is the 140th anniversary of railroads in BiH

RS Railroads will mark the 140th anniversary of railroads, and the construction of the first railroad in BiH – the railroad Banjaluka-Dobrljin, where according to historic data, first rail travel for passengers started, on 17 January 1873.

According to same data the railroad was finished on 23 December 1872 and the opening ceremony was held on 5 January 1873 for Ottoman administration and esteemed citizens.

The railroad construction boomed in the period of Austria-Hungary, especially after it was connected with Sisak and Doboj.

The contribution of this railroad to the development of this region is very significant, so the Day of the Railroads will be marked in Banjaluka, Prijedor and Novi Grad.

Marking of this event will start on the railroad station in Banjaluka at 11 a.m. in the organisation of the city of Banjaluka, and there will be an official addressing and the cultural program.

The solemn train in the organization of RS Railroads will take guest on the rout Banjaluka-Dobrljin-Banjaluka, and in Prijedor it will be greet by local authorities, as well as in Novi Grad.


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