Top 5 Business News from BiH for this Week

Take a look at top 5 business news in BiH for the past week.

Farm Spreca is planning to invest a total of 38.5 million BAM in the area of Kalesija in the next 5 years, and a new farm for 500 cows will be built in the village of Memici, as well as four biogas production plants.

The Cement factory Lukavac achieved operating revenues in the amount of 62.1 million BAM last year, which represents an increase of 60.8 million BAM in comparison to the previous year. The cement factory continued successful operations and achieved a profit in the amount of 12.3 million BAM.

The Fair of furniture, interior and exterior design, technique and related industries “Sarajevo4Walls” was opened in the Olympic Hall Zetra in Sarajevo.

A new production line of the company for production of mining explosives Tvek from Ljubija was recently put into operation. This represents a new assortment of production of the so-called emulsion mining explosives. Moreover, they are planning the construction of a new factory that would increase their production capacity from 2,000 to 10,000 tons.

Sarajevo was the regional center of FMCG industry in the past few days. More than 500 participants, manufacturers, traders, distributors, eminent experts in retail and marketing from both BiH and abroad, guests and journalists took part in the 4th FMCG Summit that was held in Sarajevo.


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