Minister Sarovic on the Topic of Export of Apples to Russia

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Sarovic noted that the meeting with the leadership of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosseljkhoznadzor), which took place yesterday in Moscow with the aim of lifting the ban on apple exports, was positive.

“The Russian side is satisfied with everything that competent services in BiH did with the aim to improve the system of issuing phytosanitary certificates and the form on the origin of products. Now, we have a complete insight into the production of fruit, vegetables and exporters to the Russian Federation, and we are well prepared to give a guarantee that the system is operating in accordance with the previously signed protocol,” noted minister, and added that the established system of the control of BH side is already applied on the export of pears to the Russian Federation and it is fully operational.

“The Russian side is planning to take a look at everything we did on the field first, before the final abolition of the ban on the export of apples, and then to lift the ban,” said minister.

The Russian side will closely analyze everything that was delivered and send it to the inspection.

“There is no doubt that the final result regarding the apple export will be good for us, but it is also very important that the possibility of banning exports of other types of fruit, i.e. pears, was removed with such a quick and complete procedure of improvement and establishment of the system of controls by BH side,” concluded Minister Sarovic.




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