Total Commodity Exchange in BiH in 2018 amounts to 31.17 billion BAM

Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) adopted the Analysis of Foreign Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018, which states that there was an increase in total foreign trade and export growth.

The total commodity exchange in BiH in 2018 was 31.17 billion BAM, of which the value of exported goods was 11.9 billion BAM, and the imported goods were 19.27 billion BAM, and a foreign trade deficit of 7.37 billion BAM was recorded.

The European Union continues to be the main foreign trade partner, accounting for 65.3% of the total volume of commodity exchanges, followed by CEFTA countries with 13.7%, while other countries account for 21%.

Compared to the previous year, total commodity trade grew by 7.4% in the EU.

Export to the EU accounted for 73% of total BiH exports in 2018 and increased by 10.3% and imports by 5.3%, while export coverage increased by 3.5% in 2018.

The trade deficit with EU countries fell by 7.1%.

BiH mainly exported to Germany (1.74 billion BAM), Croatia (1.46 billion BAM), Italy (1.35 billion BAM), Serbia (1.25 billion BAM), Slovenia (1.06 billion BAM), Austria (1.02 billion BAM), Montenegro (401.45 million BAM), and Turkey  (323.22 million BAM ).

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