Touch of the Latest Trends and Hairstyles: Hairdresser’s Ball met the Expectations (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Dom Mladih in Sarajevo was the center of glamor, fashion trends and true beauty. Excellent hairdressers, experts in the best techniques of cutting and creating hairstyles participated on the manifestation Hairdresser’s Ball, which attracted great number of lovers of good style and taste.

Capital city of B&H justified the epithet of the center of good and quality events once again, considering that this event offered a touch of the latest trends and hairstyles from international runways to everyone.

Besides the best BH hairdressers who appeared on the Hairdresser’s Ball, students of Sarajevo hairdressing school also participated on the event. Hairdresser’s Ball was organized by the Association of hairdressers “Artistic Hair Dresser”.

The main goal of the event was to promote beauty of hairdressing job, to offer an evening of fashion and trends to visitors, with the hairdressers divided in 13 teams. Each participant had the opportunity to present his salon through a five-minute performance in the best way possible.

Organizers of the Association of hairdressers “Artistic Hair Dresser” Senad Cavdar and Senad Sehic emphasized that this evening was intended for fun and good taste as well as the style in terms of hairstyles.

Artist Gordan Dizdarevic Grk entertained the guests after the show.


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