Training for women from rural areas

Agency for cooperation, education and development (ACED) will start its first in series of training for women from rural areas. The project is called ” Improvement of knowledge of women from rural areas in the field of business planning and writing project proposals”.

Women from Bratunac, Srebrenica, Foča, East Sarajevo, Han Pijesak,Vlasenica, Tuzla, Visoko and Milići will participate in these workshops and  forty women will participate in the first.

The objective of this training is that women from rural areas meet the demands of donors and prepare themselves for writing projects to donors and other available funds.

In addition to workshops, ACED will actively cooperate with all participants in the next few months, so that they put their ideas into concrete projects and increase the chances of using the various forms of support.

Through these activities, the business environment and development in rural areas and women’s role in the process is expected to improve.

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