“U potrazi za bojom kestena” is the winner of FAMA

The awards for the best drama at the FAMA festival that was officially closed last night, was handed to the Youth Theater Mostar 1974 for the drama ”U potrazi za bojom kestena”.

The drama is based on the text by Safet Plakalo and directed by Stevan Bodroža. The acting cast for this drama consists of Amra Prutina and Enes Salković.

The award for inventiveness and originality went to the co-production of Slovenian ”Harlekin Theater” and the Tuzla ”Draft Theater” for the drama ”Glumac, reditelj i ostali”. The authorial duo behind this drama is Nenad Muždek and Dragan Tešić.

After the ceremonial awards show, a drama ”Rekvijem za ljubav” was performed. ”Rekvijem za ljubav” is a theater piece by Banja Luka Student Theater and Youth Theater Mostar 1974, in the direction by Sejo Đulić.

The Festival of authorial miniatures lasted four days and the audience at the Banja Luka Youth Center had the opportunity to watch six theater dramas from Ljubljana, Mostar, Tuzla, Novi Grad, Teslić and Banja Luka. These six theater dramas were in the official competition of the festival.


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