Travnik: Ministry of Defense and B&H Armed Forces Organizing ‘Day for Media’

oficiriOn occasion of the presentation of the pilot project ‘basic training officers’, the Ministry of Defense and the B&H Armed Forces in cooperation with the Embassy of Great Britain are organizing on 6 December at 10:00 ‘Day for Media’ at the Command for Training and Doctrine in the barracks ‘Travnik’ in Travnik.

In the final race candidates will demonstration and prove to the Commission its leadership qualities for the election of officers.

The pilot project ‘basic training officer’ is one of the most important projects of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of B&H within the defense system. Due to the significance of this important project for future operations of the Armed Forces, the focus is already on the preparation of the selection process and transparency.

At the end, the most successful candidates will be called to begin with training at the end of January 2014, announced the Press Office of the B&H Ministry of Defense.

(Source: Fena)

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