TRD Vareš plans to become the seat of advanced technology in the Balkans

Vareš_0311In the near future ‘TRD Vareš’ is planning to modernize, and to raise quality of their services, to raise productivity and to increase the number of employees. Reserve parts industry of Vareš has the plan to become the seat of advanced engineering in the Balkans.

Also, in the near future, they plan to move their construction office from Italy to BIH and to create 20-30 new jobs, said representatives of Italian company ‘Siderimpes srl Italija-Gorizia’ Nikola Fedrigo and Aleksander Todorović, manager of TRD Vareš Sevledina Gondžo and Prime Minister of ZDK Fikret Pljevljak.

Pljevljak noted the importance of investments to BiH and has offered the full support to foreign investors who are ready to invest in BiH.

Press service of ZDK Canton Government said that TDK is very important for the canton because it employs large number of people.



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