Civil organisations of Croatia support Sarajevo protests

protestOrganisations of civil society from Croatia have expressed their support to Sarajevo protests as a way of legitimately and democratically showing their discontent towards their irresponsible politicians.

Organisations of civil society stated that political bickering and nationalist rhetoric have brought to that that BiH does not have an ID Law, and as a consequence of that, all children born after 12 February do not have ID number.

‘We are aware that this is just one of hot issues in BiH that has to be solved, but in this case it is a basic human right and newborn babies are those who suffer the most’, states the support letter.

They said that protesters have sent the message that politicians must agree on this issue because of the case of baby Belmina Ibrišević who couldn’t go abroad to get medical attention, because of the lack of ID number.

Organisations of civil society from Croatia noted that in the last 20 years, BIH citizens witnessed numerous unfulfilled promises of the international community, who created the situation where they are hostages of bad and insincere politics and bad move of the international community

So, these organisations have called the International Community and the Office of High Representative to BIH to keep his promise give n to protesters.

They also condemned the irresponsible and reckless behaviour of BiH officials, especially noting BiH Parliament and BiH Council of Ministers.

‘We strongly condemn every attempt of certain political groups and individuals, firstly SNSD and SDS and their representatives Milorad Dodik and Aleksandra Pandurević, who tried to portray protests as nationalist and with that they continued their malevolent politics of spreading hatred and bigotry’ said the statement.

The letter of support was signed by organisations: Kuća ljudskih prava Zagreb; Documenta – Centar za suočavanje s prošlošću; Centar za Mirovne Studije (CMS); B.a.B.e; GONG; Građanski odbor za ljudska prava (GOLJP); Kreativni omladinski klub – KOK, Samobor; Roda – roditelji u akciji; Dalmatinski odbor solidarnosti; “Projekt građanskih prava” Sisak; Udruga za samozastupanje; Centar za građanske inicijative (CGI) te Poreč: Centar za mir, nenasilje i ljudska prava Osijek.


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