Turkey: 3 million Dollars of Aid for B&H After the May’s Floods

Flag-Pins-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-TurkeyThe aid Turkey donated to B&H up to this day is 3 million Dollars. The donors were various Turkish institutions and associations in B&H, Red Crescent Movement, some municipalities, Turkish civil society associations, companies and educational institutions.

Teams of experts from Turkey worked hard on saving the affected citizens and on distribution of aid and cleaning after the floods, all of which in cooperation with eminent international organizations. The aid had been delivered to all inhabited places in need.

During the Donors conference in Brussels held on May 16th this year, it was announced that Turkey will supply more aid in 2 million Euros.

Having in mind winter is coming soon and the new school year is about to begin soon it’s been scheduled that this amount should be spent on reconstruction of schools and sanitary institutions.

“On the other side, regardless of the aid granted on this conference, we will continue to provide aid here and all will be done in order for our Bosnian friends to overcome as soon as possible the consequences of the dreadful floods” – was announced in the Secretariat of Turkish Embassy in B&H.


(Source: Fena)

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