Turkish Citizens in BiH, Macedonia and Kosovo supported Constitutional Reforms in Turkey

referendum turkeyA total of 61.83 % of 1241 Turkish citizens who are eligible voters who decided to vote in BiH said “yes” to constitutional changes in Turkey in the referendum, while 38.17 % of them were against.

In BiH lives 2,444 Turkish citizens with the right to vote.

Set of constitutional changes was supported by 57.14 % of Turkish voters who voted in the referendum in Kosovo, while 42.86 % of them were against. A total of 1,275 Turkish nationals with voting rights live in Kosovo and 714 of them performed their civic duty.

When it comes to Macedonia, 57.97 % of voters said “yes” to the constitutional changes in Turkey, while 42.03 % were against.  At least 1,066 registered voters performed their civic duty.

On the other hand, in Albania, a total of 58.20 % of voters were against, while 41.80 % of voters supported the constitutional changes. In this country, a total of 373 Turkish citizens performed their civic duty.

According to preliminary results in Turkey, 51 % of voters were in favor of constitutional changes, while somewhat less than 49 % were against. The proposed constitutional reforms in Turkey mean the strengthening of the powers of the President of the country and elimination of the position of prime minister. Parliament will increase the number of delegates from 550 to 600, and all Turkish citizens over 18 years old can be candidates in the parliamentary elections. So far, the candidates could be only persons older than the age of 25.

The President will be able to maintain connections with his political party, and it is planned that the first presidential election, in accordance with the new Constitution, will be held in November 2019. The mandate of the President will last for 5 years and the same person will be able to perform this function for two mandates.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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