Tuzla: The production in the ”Dita” factory will start soon

The production in the former business giant, detergent factory ”Dita” in Tuzla should start on 8 January 2013 because ”Dita” and ”Beohemija” from Zrenjanin, Serbia have signed a protocol of business cooperation.

The protocol started giving its results and one out of 19 back wages was paid to Dita’s employees.

“In the protocol that we signed with the representatives of  ‘Beohemija’, it was agreed that until 10 January 2013 the second back wage will be paid to the employees, and 20,000 BAM for health insurance, because we have a lot of workers who are sick. From January 8, we’ll continue with the production in the factory and the January wages will be paid on February 5“, said the president of the Union of detergent factory “Dita” Dževad Mehmedović.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Tuzla Canton (TK) Željko Knežiček said that the ministry is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Protocol on Cooperation.

“In the event of discrepancies, the ministry is obliged to immediately react. This is a really important moment for the chemical industry of TK and I have to say that I have always argued that without ‘Dita’ there is no chemical sector in TK”, said Knežiček.

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