Vispak’s giant Dzezva at the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival in Abu Dhabi

After attending the Global Village Festival in Dubai, which was held on the occasion of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vispak’s largest dzezva in the world continued its tour of the Arabian Gulf countries.

The new destination is Abu Dhabi where the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is held, and its sponsor is the president of the UAE, his excellency Shaik bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.

Among the 18 countries participants of the Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will be presented by Vispak’s Guinness Dzezva.

“For these ten days, when we have represented the tradition of BiH in the Gulf countries, the reactions were very positive. We tried to promote our homeland in the best possible light. So there is a suggestion that next year we go together with a cultural, historical and tourist presentation and a wide gastronomic offer, so that our country gets more fans in this part of the world. Because, indeed, Golden Dzezva is one of the ambassadors of BiH, and everyone who has tried our Bosnian coffee wanted to visit BiH, “ said Armin Hodzic, Assistant of President of AS Holding and Head of “New Business” department at Group level.

Apart from the host UAE, some of this year’s countries participants of the Festival were Serbia, Russia, Afghanistan, Morocco, China, India, Oman, Kazakhstan and Kuwait.

“We are grateful to Balkan trading, our partner for the Arabian Gulf market, and colleagues from the Cargo company who have helped us again with the organization of transport of ‘Dzezva’, which was not easy. Arabs like our coffee and are surprised that there is such a good coffee in BiH. There are up to 1.500 drank coffees per day, and ‘Dzezva’ as well as everywhere so far attracts great media attention and social network reactions,“ Hodzic added.


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