Two cases of war crimes switched to Cantonal Courts

Court of B&H Released Suspects faktor.baTwo cases of war crimes committed in the Konjic area and Bosanska Krupa were switched to cantonal courts in Mostar and Bihac.

The case is against the former members of the Army of BiH (ABiH), Jasmin Viković, Vehdada Mrkaljević, Izet Kulaš and Mersudin Kablara, whom the State Prosecution indicted for crimes against the victims of Croatian nationality in Orahovica (Konjic municipality). This case was transferred to the Cantonal Court in Mostar.

According to the indictment, three elderly Croatian civilians were taken from the house, they were tortured and abused, which resulted in one civilian’s death. According to the indictment, two others were shot dead by Vikovic.

Cantonal Court in Bihac transferred the case against Safet Isakovic, Ibrahim Đulić and Nisvet Porić, who, as former members of ABiH, charged with crimes against prisoners of war in the Bosanska Krupa.

The Prosecution charges Isakovic, Đulić and Porić, to engage in killing three captured members of the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS), on the site of the hill Ćorkovača, writes Detektor.ba.

(Source: klix)

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